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Triggertrap Mobile v1.0.2 に Ver. UPしても何も状況が変わらないので、初めて問い合わせしたのが十日ほど前で。

トラブルシューティングのページ(を教えて貰って、テストした結果を送った mailへの返信に


When tests 1 and 4 fail, it indicates that there is something wrong either with the camera,
or with the cable, or with the path between the two.

Now; many people rarely use remote controls on their cameras, which means that it is possible that,
even if your camera itself is extremely well-used, that the socket on your camera is quite stiff.
Could you do me a favour and double-check that the cable is definitely pushed all the way in?
Be very careful when you do this, of course, but with some cameras you have to use quite a bit of
force to get the cable to make a good connection.

The other thing worth checking is that you are making a very good connection on the 3 exposed
parts of the 2.5mm socket. Please make sure that all three are definitely shorted, and that you
keep it that way for at least one second.

Finally, as I mentioned in the Troubleshooting guide (, it may be
that your camera needs to be in a special mode to work with your remote control. We support
more than 270 cameras, and I'm only intimately familiar with about 20 or so, so I don't know all
cameras, and am not able to give full support on all of them. Could you double-check your camera
manual to see whether there is anything you need to do to use a remote? Have you used a remote
on your camera before? Did it work?

If it still doesn't work, I'm a little bit stumped - because it means that, in theory, the cable is
malfunctioning. However, it's a *cable*; how often does a simple cable fail? Besides, they are all tested
before we ship them out to you... Anyway, I'm ranting, please forgive me - if we really can't get it to
work, I guess it's possible that you've received a faulty cable.

Please check all of the above, and let me know - we'll find a solution, I promise!

~ Team Triggertrap / (略)

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(オイラの名前), Jun 10 16:30 (BRT):

Dear Mr. (略),

Thank you for the quick reply.
I could try test on the Triggertrap Mobile Troubleshooting page (

1) CL-N3 cable
"Test 1 - Camera Lead Test" could not complete. It can trigger my EOS, just on inserts to EOS.
Even if I short-circuit 2.5mm mini jack, nothing happens.

2) CL-RS1 cable (same thing of CL-L1?)
This cable is OK. "Test 1 - Camera Lead Test" completed by both GH1 and GH2.

3) Triggertrap Mobile Dongle
"Test 2 - Camera Lead Test" could not complete. Test 1 passed on CL-RS1,but test 2 faild.

Can I test something else?.

Best regards(後略)


コネクションはちゃんとしてんのか?とか、お前のカメラは正常なのか?とか、テストして出荷してるケーブル如き単純なブツが異常なんてレアだとか、どんだけ素人扱いかと(ry。そんなにレベルの低い問い合わせばかり、殺到してるんでしょかねぇ!?。まぁ、愚痴はさておき、次の mailでは無駄なやり取りは繰り返したくないのでキッチリ押さえましょ。

  ・・・・・これで動かないのは Dongle不良だろ?(jk

近所の BicとY電気の展示品を触らせてもらって、全ての個体(7Dx2、5D2x2)でケーブルを挿した
時点からシャッター押しっぱなしと同じ症状でしたw。反対側の 2.5φ3極端子をショートしようが

3)"it may be that your camera needs to be in a special mode to work with your remote control."
定かじゃないのは EOS 7D/5D系で、



迷える子羊(違;)をお救い下さいまし、、、おながいします m(_ _)m